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Her humorous instagram reels depicting real family life kept us smiling through lockdown and beyond so we couldn't be more excited to have collaborated with the comedic content creator and blogger, model and mother, on our latest limited-edition candle with 100% PROFITS going to PND charity PANDAS.  Here, Louise tells us why lighting candles is an everyday ritual and just what it means to rediscover your identity again after becoming a parent...

1. What do you love about scented candles and how do you incorporate them into your day?

I used to only get my fancy scented candles out when I had guests over, to make my house smell nice and for them to enjoy it, but now I light a scented candle every day just for me.  I deserve it and wondered why I waited for friends to come over to experience it.  Silly really.  I love the way a scented candle can change the energy and aura of a room.  It can take away stress or add romance… I light my candles at 5pm every day when I am cooking the evening meal for the family.  This time of day can be chaotic and loud but my candle centres me, gets me through the ‘witching hour’ and relaxes me into the evening.  I will always have a candle when I have bath, too for extra zen with my bubbles. 

I love roses.  I love the scent.  It was my wedding flower and the smell makes me happy.

Yes indeed! I was on maternity leave with my six month old baby feeding him pureed food (most of it was on the floor or on me), and I was feeling very blah – and bored.  I didn’t feel like my usual self.  Just then I received an email from my modelling agency asking if I was up for shooting a fashion advertorial in Italy with a fantastic photographer, stylist and makeup artist.  After reading the email with delight, I looked at my son and said ‘I guess mama still got it’.  Then I had a light bulb moment and immediately bought the domain name and changed my Instagram handle.  I realised there must be lots of mothers out there (new mums or seasoned ones) who wanted to find their identity again, who wanted to get better with age (otherwise what’s the point?) and know they are not alone.  The ‘it’ in Mama Still Got It could mean anything.  It could mean you bought yourself a new pair of shoes that make you feel good, or you got rid of a toxic relationship, or decided to take a different career path.  It could mean anything as long as it makes you feel good. 


4. How do you hope the candle will help people who buy or are gifted it in their busy lives?

Candles are such a beautiful gift to yourself or to a friend/family member so I really hope it will make them feel like they have treated themselves.  I hope the smell will lift them and destress them, or help them take a moment to feel calm.  And I hope it will make them realise they have still got it!


5. What are your other favourite SevenSeventeen scents in our collection and what is it you like about the brand?

What’s not to like about the brand?  Love the scents, the way the candle is packaged, its long burn time and that it’s cruelty free and vegan. AND 100% of the profits go to an incredible charity!


6. Why is PANDAS close to your heart and how much does it mean to be able to donate to them through the sales of the candle?

It’s a fantastic charity that has helped many people (including myself) who struggle with PND, anxiety and birth trauma. My mum tells me there wasn’t much awareness at all about PND when I was born, it was brushed under the carpet and as a result lots of women battled mental illness silently and alone.  My God Mother took her own life as a result of not getting the help she desperately needed leaving behind two small children.  I have close friends and family members who have beaten deep depression and anxiety with the help of charities like PANDAS which I’m so grateful for.  With the sales of the candle, the more we can donate, the more we can spread awareness to the mothers who need it.  This means the world to me.  

7. Which mamas do you think still have it?

Every single one. 

The limited-edition 'Mama Still Got It!' rose geranium 180ml candle, £24 (approx 50hr burn time) is available to purchase here.  100% PROFITS donated to Pandas

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